Our activities

Sunday service
Every Sunday at 9.00 on the address Tylova 6, Břeclav-Poštorná

Office hours:
Tuesday, Thursday 7 a.m. - 14 p.m. After agreement another time possible

Mothers with children
Every Thursday from 9.30 a.m.

Youth group – One Way club
Every Friday from 6 p.m.
More on www.onewayklub.wz.cz.

Outdoor – Royal Rangers
Every Friday from 4 p.m.
More on breclav.royalrangers.cz.

The club not just for Roma children – every Friday at 5 p.m.

Prayer meetings
Mo-Fr from 6 a.m.
Mo and Sa at 6 p.m.

Street evangelisation
Znojmo – every 1st and 3rd Friday in the month at 4pm. at the town hall. In Břeclav the 2nd and 4th Friday in the month at 4 p.m. at the Shopping centre.
More on ontheredbox.com.

Music teams
It exist sofar three teams. They excercise on Thursday at 6 pm. and than according to the need. You can hear them on the Sunday services or on special concerts.

Sunday school
Every Sunday at 10 a.m.

The children dancing for motional talented girls. On Friday at 2.30 p.m.

The regulary meetings of women in the church. Open for women who are interested.

On the Valtická
Motional games, defence against social-pathologic features and the gospel message for the children on the blocks. Once per month.

It is suburban football camp for the interested persons for the fair football, with the gospel message.


The Apostolic church

Services in Břeclav

Every Sunday at 9 am on the address Tylova 6, Břeclav-Poštorná

• Prayers, preaching, music, testimonies, motivation, relationships – this is the subject of our Sunday services.

• The service finishes usually at 11am.

• You are warm welcomed. We are looking forward also for guests, which are on vacation in our country.

Apostolic church, congregation Břeclav

The most important goal is to love and honor God. We consider this love to be expressed in the way, that we fill his will.


Vítejte - každou neděli v 9

What is our goal

The most important goal is to love and honor God. We consider this love to be expressed in the way, that we fill his will. We realise the acute need to share the gospel with unsaved people – in the first place in our city of Břeclav and in the surrounded villages. We believe, that God has got many more in this city, who will be saved. We want to help people on the way to Christ. We do it because of our love to our Lord and also to all the people. They should get to know about the salvation of God, which is also for them. We are not doing it from the acquisitive reasons of gaining influence, of arguing to others, that we are better, or as the manifestation of our realisation. We submitted to this goal our interests, hobbies and customs on the personal, group and church level.


The congregation is made of home groups, stations and diaspors. Home groups meet together in Břeclav and in Nejdek. We have got the stations in the villages in the surroundings – Rakvice+Podivín, Moravský Žižkov+Velké Bílovice and diaspora in Lanžhot. The responsibility for the congregation has got the counsel of elders in the front of pastor of the congregation.

More informations to be found here.